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high mechanical properties PEI- Unfilled, GF, CF for industrial products cover

Short Description:

Material plastic PEI (polyetherimide) is a high-performance,amorphous, engineered polymer with excellent thermal properties, good chemical resistance, natural flame retardancy, good dimensional stability, and excellent toughness. , high wear resistance, good wave permeability, outstanding electrical properties.

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Polyetherimide (PEI) is an amorphous, amber-to-transparent thermoplastic with characteristics similar to the related plastic PEEK. Relative to PEEK, PEI is cheaper, but is lower in impact strength and usable temperature. Because of its adhesive properties and chemical stability it became a popular bed material for FFF 3D printers.

The glass transition temperature of PEI is 217 °C (422°F). Its amorphous density at 25 °C is 1.27 g/cm3(.046 lb/in³). It is prone to stress cracking in chlorinated solvents. Polyetherimide is able to resist high temperatures with stable electrical properties over a wide range of frequencies. This high strength material offers excellent chemical resistance and ductile properties suitable for various applications, even those including steam exposure.

PEI- Unfilled, GF, CF Features

Good heat resistance, super toughness& fatigue resistance.

Nice electrical stability.

Excellent dimension stability,

Self-lubricating, low water absorption,

Electrical insulation is good

To keep good properties in the humid environment .

PEI- Unfilled, GF, CF Main Application Field

Widely used on various electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, automobiles, aerospace and aviation, food and medical supplies, light guide materials and connectors, high-end precision industrial structures, printer accessories, and gear accessories.


SIKO PEI Grades And Description

SIKO Grade No.  Filler(%) FR(UL-94) Description
SP701E10/20/30C 10%-30%GF V0 GF Reinforced
SP701E None V0 PEI NO GF

Grade Equivalent List

Material Specification SIKO grade Equivalent to Typical brand & grade
PEI PEI unfilled, FR V0 SP701E SABIC ULTEM 1000

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