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Injection Molding Factory

If you are the end user of a injection molding factory for the application of your products, what solutions can SIKO offer you?

Customers' Major Concerns SIKO's solutions and advantages
Material Variety 1001_icon1 Full range, to lean more
Material Consultation before Purchase 1001_icon2 Professional engineers and foreign sales team online consultation 365 days
Response Speed 1001_icon3 Fast, < 1-2 hours
Customized Composite Material 1001_icon4 High strength, high impact resistance, enhanced thermal heat stabilization, hydrolysis resistance, UV-resistant, Flame retardant(halogen free), Lubricated improved(PTFE, MOS2), anti-friction, wear-resistance, static electricity free, creep resistance, metal replacement, thermal and electricity conduct etc.
Matching Color Service 1001_icon5 All color-RAL#/PANTONE#/Customer supplying sample standard, using The best color instruments from JAPAN "KONICA" is used for all color-RAL#/PANTONE#/Customer supplying sample standard
Quick Lead time 7-10  Within 7-10 working days (20MT for example)
MOQ 25      25KG, very low quantity
Sample Policy 1001_icon6 Normally free within 10kg, freight charges on your account, special cases can be negotiated individually
Cost reduction for Current Mass-Production Products 1001_icon7 Normally free within 10kg, freight charges on your account, special cases can be negotiated individually
Product development and Material Choice 1001_icon8 Complete and fast process to help customers to find out the most suitable options material with the lowest cost in the shortest time, to Learn More
Factory certification 1001_icon9 ISO14001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Quality system certification, TUV On-site audit certification, to Learn More
Product Certification 1001_icon10 UL, SGS, REACH, to Learn More
Strict Quality Control 1001_icon11 A, Online production monitors sampling test every 1-2 hours, B, Average data based on test results from dozens of random samples before delivery, C, Coordinate with customer-designated independent third-party testing agency like SGS throughout process
Material application in Your Production Facility 1001_icon12 Online assistance and guidance 365 days, if any quality accident and emergency situation occured, SIKO will send engineer to solve problem with customer team together on-site in your production facility,relevant travel expenses are covered by SIKO