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High performance plastic MOS2+PA6/PA66/PA46 used in machinery

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Material plastic MoS2 is an important solid lubricant, especially for high temperature and pressure.It is also diamagnetic and can be used as a linear photoconductor and as a semiconductor to display p-type or n-type conductivity, with the functions of rectification and energy exchange. MoS2 can also be used as a catalyst for dehydrogenation of complex hydrocarbons.

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MOS2+PA6/PA66/PA46 Features

The main function of MOS2 used for friction material is to reduce friction at low temperature and increase friction at high temperature. The loss of burning is small and volatile in friction material.

Friction reduction: the particle size of MOS2 made by smashing supersonic airflow reaches 325-2500 mesh, the hardness of micro particles is 1-1.5, and the friction coefficient is 0.05-0.1. Therefore, it can play a role in friction reduction in friction materials.

Rammerization: MOS2 does not conduct electricity and there is a copolymer of MOS2, MOS3 and MoO3. When the temperature of the friction material rises sharply due to friction, MoO3 particles in the copolymer expand with the temperature rising, playing a role of friction.

Anti-oxidation: MOS2 is obtained by chemical purification synthesis reaction; its PH value is 7-8, slightly alkaline. It covers the surface of the friction material, can protect other materials, prevent them from being oxidized, especially make other materials not easy to fall off, adhesion strength is enhanced

Fineness: 325-2500 mesh;

PH: 7-8;Density: 4.8 to 5.0 g/cm3;Hardness: 1-1.5;

Ignition loss: 18-22%;

Friction coefficient :0.05-0.09

MOS2+PA6/PA66/PA46 Main Application Field

Widely used in machinery, instrumentation, automotive parts, electrical and electronic, railway, home appliances, communications, textile machinery, sports and leisure products, oil pipes, fuel tanks and some precision engineering products.

Field Application Cases
Electronic appliances Light emitter, laser, photoelectric detector,
Electrical & Electronic parts Connector, bobbin, timer, cover circuit breaker, switch housing

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