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Sourcing Polymers

If you are end user of sourcing polymers for OEM injection factory supplier application, what solutions can SIKO offer you?

SIKO' Solutions and Advantages

1127_icon1 1, According to your product application, exact technical and application environment request, SIKO will recommend potential suitable material with the best price,while meantime providing the technical datasheet for review( one or more as depending on request)

1127_icon2 2, Clients internal initial audit and approval on price and technical parameters

1127_icon3 3, Clients can build a work communication group by email or online APP(whatsapp, wechat, skype etc.) between Clients--SIKO--injection molding supplier

1127_icon4 4, Quick sample molding test in clients' supplier injection workshop, SIKO can send engineer to assist testing on-site if necessary.

1127_icon5 5, Clients audit the molding products, If approved, they will go to mass production step by step, if they are not approved, we will work together to find out the reason and arrange another trail again, SIKO will provide second sample quickly,and repeat the process with the best efforts until success the trial is approved

1127_icon6 6, After material tested successful and selected, there are two ways of purchasing, clients directly buy from SIKO, or clients designate molding supplier to buy from SIKO.

1127_icon77, During regular mass production, SIKO will report to clients weekly or monthly the material order execution,and help customers to monitor the quality and quantity which compare your orders to molding supplier

1127_icon8 8, SIKO will update the latest material cost monthly,and help clients to be very clear to understand the situation and control the material cost strictly.

1127_icon9 9, Full ScaleQuality control