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Super tough PK- Unfilled, GF, FR for Electrical parts

Short Description:

Material plastic PK material specific gravity higher than nylon, lower than POM and PBT material.The molecular structure of the material determines its outstanding flexibility and impact resistance.PK also has the incomparable characteristics of other materials: its mechanical strength will not change significantly with the change of temperature and humidity.

Product Detail

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PK Features

High CTI 600
Flame retardant UL94 V0

Excellent Weather Resistant
Good Dimensional Stability

High impact

PK Main Application Field

Widely used in machinery, instrumentation, automotive parts, electrical and electronic, railway, home appliances, communications, textile machinery, sports and leisure products, oil pipes, fuel tanks and some precision engineering products.


Application Cases

Auto Parts

Radiators, cooling fan, door handle, fuel tank cap, air intake grille, water tank cover, lamp holder

Industrial part

Various Switch components, Coil Bobbin, Transformers bobbins, Waterproof quick connectors etc

Electrical accessories

Solar outdoor junction box,  Connectors,

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