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Long glass fiber PP+10%-60% LFT (Long Glass Fiber) for auto front-end modules

Short Description:

Material plastic PP+10%-60% LFT fell compared with those of ordinary material of modified PP, PP materials has more advantages: good dimensional stability, excellent resistance to fatigue, creep properties of small, low anisotropy of small, warping deformation, excellent mechanical properties, especially the impact resistance properties, good liquidity, to adapt to the thin wall product processing, and therefore is widely used in various fields.

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PP+10%-60% LFT Features

As a long-fiber thermoplastic resin, it can be used as a substitute for metal and short glass fiber reinforced engineering plastics.The main features are:

Excellent rigidity and impact resistance.

High tensile strength and bending strength.

Long-term mechanical properties (long-term impact resistance and  long-term vibration).

Very stable dimensional stability. Excellent (low

shrinkage and small vertical and horizontal),

Extremely high fluidity.

PP+10%-60% LFT Main Application Field

Widely used in machinery, instrumentation, automotive parts, electrical and electronic, railway, home appliances, communications, textile machinery, sports and leisure products, oil pipes, fuel tanks and some precision engineering products.

Field Application Cases
Automotive Automotive sector include bumpers, instrument panels, battery brackets, front-end components, electric control boxes, rear door flaps, noise barriers, chassis covers, spare tire compartments, seat support plates
Electromechanical field Motor filter covers, wind blades, coaxial cylinder clutch auxiliary parts, high-lift submersible motors, water pumps, thrust bearings, guide bearings / locomotive guide rails, vacuum pumps, Compressor rotor and other components.
Home appliances LFT-PP materials can be used in washing machine drums, washing machine triangle brackets, one-brush machine drums, air-conditioning fans, etc., with a high cost performance.



SIKO PP+10%-60% LFT Grades And Description

SIKO Grade No. Filler(%) FR(UL-94)  Description
SP60LFT-10/20/30/40/50 10-50% HB  10%-50% LFT reinforced,high rigidity,

high stregnth

SP60LFT-10/20/30/40/50F V0

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