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  • How to adjust injection molding process parameters?

    The temperature Temperature measurement and control are very important in injection molding. Although these measurements are relatively simple, most injection molding machines do not have sufficient temperature points or wiring.   In most injection machines, the temperature is sensed by a thermoc...
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  • How to improve PLA material toughness

    How to improve PLA material toughness

    enterprises have expanded production, orders soared at the same time also caused the supply of raw materials, especially PBAT, PBS and other degradable membrane bag materials in just 4 months, the price soared. Therefore, the PLA material with relatively stable price has attracted attention.   Po...
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  • PP Granules Sent To The UK

    PP Granules Sent To The UK

    As the global market continues to expand, more and more manufacturers continue to find their way into the marketplace daily. And for manufacturers in the polymer industry, the best and experienced suppliers always have a way to stand out from the crowd. Similarly, for cu...
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