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high strength PBT+PA/ABS for Computer radiator fan

Short Description:

Material plastic Compared with PA6, PA66 is more widely used in the automotive industry, instrument housings and other products that require high impact resistance and high strength requirements. Specifically used in the manufacture of mechanical, automotive, chemical and electrical components, such as gears, rollers, pulleys, rollers, impellers in the pump body, fan blades, high pressure seals, valve seats, gaskets, bushings, various handles , support frame, inner layer of wire package, etc.

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PBT+PA/ABS Features

It has excellent mechanical properties, high strength, high toughness, but high water absorption, so the dimensional stability is poor.

PA66 resin itself has excellent fluidity, no need to add flame retardant to reach V-2 level

The material has excellent coloring ability, can achieve various requirements of color matching

The shrinkage rate of PA66 is between 1% and 2%. The addition of glass fiber additives can reduce the shrinkage rate to 0.2%~1%. The shrinkage ratio is large in the flow direction and in the direction perpendicular to the flow direction.

PA66 is resistant to many solvents, but is less resistant to acids and other chlorinating agents.

PA66 excellent flame retardant performance, by adding different flame retardants can achieve different levels of flame retardant effect.

PBT+PA/ABS Main Application Field

Widely used in machinery, instrumentation, automotive parts, electrical and electronic, railway, home appliances, communications, textile machinery, sports and leisure products, oil pipes, fuel tanks and some precision engineering products.

Field Application Cases
Electronic appliances high-temperature exit grille, solar street lamp visor, etc.


SIKO PBT+PA/ABS Grades And Description

SIKO Grade No.  Filler(%) FR(UL-94) Description
SP8010 None HB PBT/ASA material has good weather resistance and late warp resistance, and is widely used in fieldssuch as high-temperature exit grille, solar street lamp visor, etc., which have many holes, complex

structure, and high dimensional stability

SP2080 None HB

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